This could be the worst video of Jen Psaki in the history of the White House

Here is a very weird video that includes White House press secretary Jen Psaki and some... well.... I don't even know how to describe the other person in the video.

Either way, the dude prances around with big nails and weird hair and who knows what else is in his pockets. He's got his coffee cup and they're promoting this nonsense to people who spend too much time on social media.

This is not the direction that America should be going in.

This makes America look pathetic and weak. What the heck is going on with our government right now where this is the type of videos that are being released.

You keep this up and Putin might be living in the White House in a few years.

I can almost guarantee you that world leaders across the planet are laughing at us. Except for Justin Trudeau - he probably got excited watching this video since he's a little weird too. I almost thought that was him at first!

Let's just put it this way. This video is SO BAD that even Osama Bin Laden's niece is trashing it. Noor Bin Ladin wrote: "Mock this all you want - they are targeting brain dead kids/teenagers on social media Many of whom will go get injected without their parents' consent after seeing such evil degenerate propaganda."

You know what, she's right. And the people IN the video are pretty much brain dead too, if you want my opinion.
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