It's Over: Janice Dean wanted Gov. Cuomo out, issues blistering statement after his resignation

It's about time! Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo should have resigned after the nursing home scandal, but being the dingy Democrat he is - he didn't. Janice Dean, a Fox News meteorologist, was personally affected by the terrible decisions with nursing homes and she has called for action against him ever since. She lost both of her in-laws because of Cuomo and his administration making awful choices.

She finally gets him out of office through the Cuomo resignation, and now she issues a blistering statement afterwards.

She called in to give her thoughts on it and finally she gets a little bit of peace. But it doesn't stop here. Andrew Cuomo belongs in jail considering he's also facing harassment allegations that the Attorney General of New York did an investigation on, and low and behold, the report suggests the victims are credible.

Cuomo's resignation should be in effect within 14 days.

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