Arrogant and Unapologetic: Prosecutor describes Andrew Cuomo during Resignation speech


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a resignation speech and he should be out of office within 14 days. Janice Dean, a Fox News meteorologist who lost both in-laws because of Cuomo's nursing home decisions, was happy to see him go.

However, many are now scolding Cuomo for his resignation speech, with a prosecutor saying he sounded very arrogant and unapologetic during his speech.

It was NBC News legal contributor Cynthia Alksne who analyzed Cuomo's resignation and suggested that he only resigned because he was "in a bind." Alksne then says why Cuomo's resignation speech was rather "arrogant and unapologetic" - which honestly describes his entire tenure as governor of New York.

Cuomo is a Democrat and he never sees the wrong in his decisions and now he's thankfully going to be out of office.

The people of New York deserve so much better.

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