CNN reporter asks Biden how can Cuomo do a 'hell of a job' if he harassed 11 women

CNN's Kaitlan Collins asked President Joe Biden the most amazing question. This came after Joe Biden literally said that disgraced Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned today, had done a 'hell of a job.'

Collins was like oh no you didn't and asked this question: "Can you really say [Cuomo] has done 'a hell of a job' if he's accused of sexually harassing women on the job?"


Biden's response was just as Joe Biden as you could imagine.

Seriously folks. How can you say anything good about Andrew Cuomo at this point? The nursing home saga, now 11 women accusing him of harassment and a damning report and investigation by the attorney general.

Do the Democrats literally just keep supporting each other even when one of them does horrible things?
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