Woman booted from Team USA paintball squad for saying overweight COVID patient needs a treadmill

Jessica Maiolo of the USA Paintball team was removed from the team after a video surfaced of her saying that an overweight COVID patient needed a treadmill. By the way, this is not an Olympic sport, just a USA based paintball team. Don't get them mixed up. Either way, I want an invite to pew pew pew people.

Two things about this. 1) I had no clue there was a Team USA paintball squad and now I am totally interested in watching people get splattered by little pink paintballs because paintball is super fun.

And 2) Jessica Maiolo was right. The person in question does need to hit a treadmill. In fact, ALL OF US do. We should ALL be worried about our health and making efforts to stay in shape. Fat shaming isn't a crime and no one should be booted from a team for making an obvious observation that EVERYONE can see.

I hope the patient recovers and does well. I hope Jessica Maiolo gets back on the team and they stop being woke for two seconds.

Courtney Kirchoff, one of the few people I enjoy reading, wrote:

Team USA Paintballing, which I still cannot believe is an actual thing because I clearly took the wrong career path, fired Jessica Maiolo. I'd wonder if Savannah and the other TikerToks were pleased with themselves, but there are only so many rhetorical questions one can ask without sounding like a moron.

If you're on and represent a team, there's something to be said with having to toe a certain line. I guess. I'd note that the lines are never the same, ever-moving and a bit blurry. See also Colin Kapernick and Megan Rapinoe then also see Drew Brees. But still. If Team USA Paintballing has a policy against offering fitness advice to someone in the hospital, far be it from me to question it. I'm not sure I'd call it fat-shaming. If the left is allowed to make up terms, why can't we? Maybe "Fitness-Encouraging" is a better phrase. She sounded like a trainer to me. "Get the hell up and kick some ass" is the general demeanor of someone you'd want getting you in shape. I'd also note Jessica directed her comment to the mama of the patient. Not that it matters to bored trolls who'll undoubtedly call me a terrible person. *waves*


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