Teen tried kicking out plane window, got physical with mom, ends up restrained by duct tape

Do you want to get duct taped on a plane? Because that's how you get duct taped on a plane.

Thank goodness the teenager doesn't have the legs of a horse and actually kicked the window out. What a terrible way to end your flight though. First you're kicking the window, then you're getting physical with your mom, then the flight crew and others have to physically restrain you and duct tape your dumb self to stop you from ruining the flight for everyone else.

What has gotten into people these days that they are acting like this on a plane? Have they lost their mind?

And should we buy stock in duct tape since it's the new way to fight bad behavior on planes?

CBS Los Angeles reported: "Fellow passengers helped contain a 13-year-old boy, while a flight attendant duct-taped him to his seat, after he grew violent with his own mother and attempted to kick out the plane's window."

Dude, if you're 13 and acting like this, it's not a good sign.

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