Is anyone surprised Chris Cuomo dances this bad (leaked video)

Here's a leaked video of CNN's Chris Cuomo dancing really badly in what appears to be a night club setting of some sort. It's not clear where he's at, but there's a DJ nearby and looks like some table service is arriving, or maybe that's his friend - all very unclear.

The only clear part of this video is how badly Chris Cuomo is dancing.

He dances as good as his brother Andrew talks to women - which is apparently not very good at all!

Now look. I am certainly no MC Hammer myself, but I am 99% sure I could beat Chris Cuomo in a white guy dance off. I might only be a little bit better, but I am definitely not THAT BAD.

Come on, Chris, don't the ladies teach you anything on the dance floor?

My goodness, this is hilarious.


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