Rep. Boebert Accuses Biden of Nominating 'Ecoterrorist' to run Bureau of Land Management

Firebrand Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is accusing President Biden for nominating Tracy Stone-Manning to lead the Bureau of Land Management. She is referred to many as an 'eco-terrorist' who was linked to a tree spiking event.

What are they reporting on Stone-Manning and her links to eco-terrorists? Or being one herself?

KTVH reported:

Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines, who’s led the attempt to kill Stone-Manning’s nomination, took to the Senate floor Tuesday to oppose her – repeating claims he’s made for weeks, about her involvement in a 1989 tree-spiking incident in Idaho.

“For four years, she refused to tell federal investigators who the perpetrators were,” he said. “She’s never apologized for this crime, for covering it up. I think the cover-up is as serious in many ways as anything else. And for this reason, and some others, I oppose her nomination and believe that Montana and our nation do deserve better.”

Stone-Manning, a longtime conservationist and former head of the state Department of Environmental Quality, was a student at the University of Montana in 1989 when she typed and mailed a letter to the U.S. Forest Service, warning it of metal spikes that had been driven into trees in a national forest timber sale.

She said she had nothing to do with the tree-spiking and mailed the letter only at the request of those who did, to warn timber officials about the spikes.

Daines maintained she was part of the plan to spike the trees and didn’t cooperate with federal investigations into the incident until years later.

Stone-Manning testified against the tree-spikers at a 1993 trial in federal court; two of them were convicted. She arranged limited immunity from prosecution for herself, before testifying.

Stone-Manning also was a top staffer for Montana’s Democratic senator, Jon Tester, who spoke Tuesday on the Senate floor in her favor – and blasted those who tried to torpedo her nomination.


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