Marjorie Taylor Greene suspended from Twitter

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter account was suspended for one week after she posted alleged misinformation in a tweet seems to have lacked context. Most politicians these days are just posting the opposite of the other party in hopes to gain likes on social media. Republicans are saying the opposite of Democrats, Democrats saying the opposite of Republicans, and in most times they're just posting stupid things as a result and causing a bigger divide in America.

No politicians should even be talking about this stuff anymore. It's time they leave it up to the experts. I'm getting sick of reading this junk in the news...

NY Post reported on YouTube: "Twitter has suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account for one week following another violation of the platform’s rules over a statement about the COVID-19 vaccine, the company said Tuesday. On Monday, Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted that the Food and Drug Administration “should not approve the covid vaccines.” Greene said “there are too many reports of infection & spread” of COVID-19 even among those who are vaccinated. She added that the vaccines “are failing.” Twitter flagged the tweet as misleading and as a result, locked Greene’s account in “read-only mode for a week.” “The Tweet you referenced was labeled in line with our COVID-19 misleading information policy. The account will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules,” a spokesperson for the social media company said."

Folks here's the truth. If you're not a doctor or science expert, then maybe you shouldn't be talking about health and science.

And for anyone out there who looks at politicians or social media or mainstream media for information on this stuff, just stop. You're not getting good information from most people, because most people have no clue what they're talking about.

If you want medical advice, then call your doctor.

Turn off the TV.

Turn off social media.

Call your doctor.

Trust your doctor, who's a medical expert, above anyone you see on TV or the Internet.

It's that simple.

If there's one group of people who especially have no idea what they're talking about, it's politicians who have an agenda to push in hopes for votes and social media likes. MOST of them are complete idiots and the reason we have so many unsolved problems these days.

Just think, if a politician fixed problems, then they wouldn't have any false promises to push on you later for more votes.
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