Democrat Cori Bush supported FAKE Sob Story of 'Mom' facing eviction, later exposed as a LIAR


Democrat Rep. Cori Bush must feel really smart this week after she supported an obvious scammer. A woman named Dasha Kelly LIED and said she was the MOM of three girls and she's behind in rent. It turns out the lady is just the baby sitter and lied about the whole thing to the point where she had over $200k in donations. Cori Bush is the same degenerate Democrat who said she paid $70,000 for private security, but we should defund police - who is often times many people's only form of security.

An independent investigation done by Turtleboy Sports revealed that Dasha was a big liar and scam artist who fooled CNN. CNN later made a correction to their story. Fox News picked up on the scandal, but never credited Turtleboy Sports, despite them reaching out to a contact over there via Twitter DM. Turtleboy Sports has been exposing the truth behind scumbags for years and it made perfect sense that they got to the bottom of this one faster than anyone else.

NY Post reported: "A Las Vegas “mother” who claimed she was facing eviction — prompting donors to pony up more than $200,000 — is just the babysitter of the three kids she identified as her children in a CNN report. Dasha Kelly, 32, ended up copping to CNN on Monday that she’s not the biological mother of the girls, ages 5, 6 and 8, who were featured alongside her in a segment last week on the federal eviction moratorium that had ended days earlier. CNN said Kelly’s story “generated a lot of interest” after its initial report, which featured video footage of her and the girls inside her home after the network found her online fundraiser seeking $1,900 to pay back rent."

Cori Bush, a Democrat Rep. who offers just about nothing to America, chimed in on the fake SOB story. Bush wrote on Twitter: "
When I say your Congresswoman loves you, this is what I mean. Kelly, I may not be your representative, but I love you and I will not stop working to make sure you and every person in our country has what they need to thrive."

First of all, the lady's fake kids don't look anything like her, so I don't know how anyone was stupid enough to fall for this. Apparently people starting demanding refunds and the donation account finally dipped under $200k.

That woman deserves absolutely NO money whatsoever. Just another rotten person in America for ya.

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