Florida Democratic Gov. Candidate accidentally called Ron DeSantis 'This President'

Nothing to see here, just Florida's Nikki Fried, a Democratic candidate for governor,  accidentally calling Ron DeSantis as "this president."

Correction, lady, he's only the governor for now.

Fried calls it a Freudian Slip. Maybe she secretly wants Ron to be the president. Make America Florida Again?

Early polls show Fried with a slight lead over Congressman Charlie Crist, but we all know the polls in America are probably the stupidest thing we have. It's like they ask a small portion of people a question, then act like it's how the majority of the country feels. Polls are literally worthless in every way possible. The only people who say polls are worth doing are the people who make them, because they need to keep their job. You won't see a pollster come out and be like, "yeah, polls are literally stupid" because they wouldn't be a pollster anymore!

Florida Politics reported:

The Democratic Primary for the 2022 Governor’s race is just over a year away, and polls show the two most well-known candidates, Congressman Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, are taking turns leading the pack.

In a poll among Democratic voters released Thursday, Fried led Crist with 36% support to 33%, with 31% still undecided.

The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling, a pollster with an A- rating by FiveThirtyEight.

Kevin Cate a media consultant for Fried’s campaign indicated they were surprised to see her polling ahead of Crist, a candidate with strong name recognition, so early in the race.

“It’s always nice to see a lead in a poll, especially from a pollster so highly rated, but it’s still way early, and earlier than we would have anticipated pulling even or ahead of someone running statewide for the seventh time,” Cate said in a written statement.


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