Business owner says Pelosi 'Lied' about Salon Setup Incident, Deserves No Apology

Salon owner Erica Kious tells 'Fox & Friends First' that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does NOT deserve an apology and she lied about her story when Pelosi was caught maskless around this time last year.

Kious says she is dealing with Gavin Newsom's rules in California and it's quite a struggle because they sometimes don't know if they're going to be shut down one day or the next.

Fox played the clip of Nancy Pelosi walking in her salon with no mask, then Pelosi saying SHE deserves an apology. Kious says Pelosi and her assistant LIED and the security cameras have been there for six years and that it was just her setting up Pelosi.

How many times have Democrats made rules and then got caught breaking their own rules? Too many! Rules for thee, but not for me!


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