Total Failure: Trump tells Bongino Joe Biden's border is a disaster, a disgrace

Dan Bongino has former President Donald Trump call in to Fox News to discuss several topics. One of them was the terrible job that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing on the southern border with Mexico. Our border has seen some record numbers since Joe Biden took office and Kamala Harris failed to do her job.

Bongino and Trump discuss 2022 and some success they wish to have.

Trump and Bongino then discuss some new mandates with the 'rona. Trump tells Bongino that he's a huge vaccine fan and suggests that people get it. He also says he respects people's freedom to make their choice, but he suggests the vaccines are worth getting and successful.

Trump makes several other comments about that situation as well, calling it a disgrace.

Bongino goes on to call the media coverage of what Trump talked about as an abomination.
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