Federal Govt is Failing You: Marjorie Taylor Greene shreds 19 Republicans who voted for Infrastructure Bill

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tells people to hold their government accountable. She says the federal government is out of control and people need to take action.

She gives them two phone numbers to call in the process. She says we should be able to trust our politicians, but seems like we can't despite all the promises. She gives people the number to call the Senate and call the 19 Republican Senators who voted for the Infrastructure Bill. She mentions the two Georgia Senators and people start booing.

She purposely calls out Mitch McConnell, saying he has failed as a leader for a very long time and people applaud.

She then gives the number for people to call the House switchboard.

Marjorie Taylor Greene railed off on the Democrat-controlled Congress and President Biden and their failed leadership.
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