Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls fallen Police Officer Ella French the wrong name

Lori Lightfoot hits a new low. While her Democrat run city of Chicago is falling apart and two police officers were just shot - she calls the one who passed away the wrong name.

The fallen police officer's name is Ella French, but Lori Lightfoot refers to her as "Ella Franks" and it's just sad that Lightfoot can't even get the woman's name right. It's insulting to French's family, the police, and probably the entire country at this point.

This took place during a budget forum. The Fraternal Order of Police has already turned their backs on Lightfoot, but that was earlier in the week. They don't support her because they feel like she does not support the police.

I feel like when you're THIS bad at being mayor, that you should not get to finish your term. You should be forced to resign. We have term limits, but we need something even better to get bad mayors out of office early.
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