Rep. Kinzinger on Afghanistan: I blame this administration for this moment we're in

Rep. Adam Kinzinger responds to the situation in Afghanistan and says: "I blame the prior administration and I blame this administration for this moment we're in."

It's not clear what he's blaming Donald Trump's administration on, but Joe Biden is who withdrew USA forces and now the Taliban is acting up, trying to take over Kabul.

Americans are over there destroying sensitive documents in case they get raided by the Taliban. Joe Biden wants the Taliban to wait until Americans are escorted out before they do anything, like asking a force to stop for Joe is going to work.

There's troops on the way to Afghanistan now to get more Americans out, but what the heck is going to happen then? It could be the start of a war against the Taliban. Or not, I have no idea, but this is not a great situation to be in.
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