Terry McAuliffe: I got a lot money out of Joe Biden as VP, I'll get more as President

Terry McAuliffe said he got lots of money from Joe Biden when he was a vice president and that he'll get even more now that Joe is president.

McAuliffe, who's running for governor of Virginia as a Democrat, is going against Republican Glenn Youngkin, made the statement in what looks like a low quality video.

Biden was previously stomping for McAuliffe as reported on CNN (of course):

President Joe Biden made a forceful return to the campaign trail on Friday night in Virginia, stumping for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe by linking the Democrat's opponent to the man Biden had defeated several months ago -- former President Donald Trump.

While Biden did not say Glenn Youngkin's name, he directly linked the Republican businessman-turned-politician to Trump, another businessman-turned-politician who lost Virginia handily in both 2016 and 2020. Biden echoed the argument that McAuliffe has made central to his own bid.

"You got to elect him again, and I mean this, not just for Virginia, for the country. The country is looking, these off-year elections, the country's looking. This is a big deal," Biden said. "Terry and I share a lot in common. I ran against Donald Trump and so is Terry. And I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia and so will Terry."

The President added: "I tell you what, the guy Terry is running against is an acolyte of Donald Trump -- for real, I mean it's just like, I don't know where these guys come from."
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